They say the leaders are readers

They say the leaders are readers

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Industry, the world over, is under tremendous evolutionary pressure. Industrial structure is constantly changing driven by: preponderance of information products and IT embedded products; transformative innovations in production processes; major shifts in the very nature of skill requirements apart from skills in new knowledge domains; to name some.

The author of this book, Dr. Mittal, mentions very rightly in this book that post COVID-19 social-distancing will require engineering colleges/polytechnics to take initiatives to build symbiotic relationship. He also rightly says that parents, students and teachers should change their mind set to achieve degree only to develop competencies for wage employment or entrepreneurship opportunities.

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Priya Lipte
Engineering Student, LoGMIEER, Maharashtra, in
Enlightened during Internship at Cognifront

Today is last day. And yes that was awesome experience. I was never that much attentive with lectures but this internship changed my mindset towards my education. Thank you Cognifront.

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Industrial/economic scenario is changing due to global challenges. Now the country needs those type of engineers who are knowledgeable; who are flexible to use new materials, technologies and systems; who are able to think and solve open-ended problems; innovate something new as per needs of the country and possess entrepreneurial qualities to grow the business nationally and internationally.

After having worked in the system for more than five decades, the author of this book, Professor L.N. Mittal, who himself is a Civil Engineer, widely travelled in India and abroad and teacher of repute has written this book to impress upon engineering students the need of putting in hard work during their course of studies to equip themselves with appropriate hard and soft skills for achieving desired competencies. This book has twelve chapters.

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Harsimran Singh Dhillon
Computer Engineering Student, KKWIEER, Maharashtra, Nashik
Made me confident

Thank you sir for such good internship :) I really got to learn many new things and this internship made me confident regarding machine learning

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Every Director of Institution, Principal, and Head of Department will find this booklet very useful. It will help them transform quality of education in their institution. Dr.L.N. Mittal provides robust step-by-step, no-confusion directions to achieve the desired result. 8 Chapters and 36 pages, make this booklet a super 2 hours compact reading. You can benefit immensely from this book that we are publishing on no-profit-no-loss basis.

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Prof. Pralhad Kore
Professor, Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur, Maharashtra, Bharat (India)
Very Good Field Research

You have done a very good research field challenges for Teachers.

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Powerful collection of 22 chapters from Chartered Engineer and 51 years veteran in Teachers Training. Dr.L.N. Mittal shares his tremendous experience in easy to implement steps for all teachers. Eevery teacher can benefit immensely from this book that we are publishing on no-profit-no-loss basis.

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Olusola Awoujobi
Professor, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
Very helpful eTeaching Tool

Hello, i m Olusola from Nigeria, I was having a problem with axillary views while preparing for a test and I stumbled on one of your videos on youtube from 7years ago and I'm very happy i did because i now understand it so well. I'm more of a visual learner, i learn better watching videos. It has a way of capturing my full attention and staying longer in my memory and also i learn faster that way, that's why i was so to have discovered your videos on YouTube...But thank you for your time, ill check the tools out ❤️

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Translate Mathematics into Software Code

Explained from ground up - how to develop mathamatical software. How to translate complicated mathematical concepts into workable software code. Author shares his 2 decades experience of developing world class software. Readers will be able to develop a fairly complicated code after reading this book. Book discusses this very concept of translation of maths into code using advanced example of fluid flow simulation. A must read for every engineering professor and student alike. Even working professional will find this booklet very useful.

animation of fluid flow

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Dr. L. N. Mittal
Director QIP, Geeta Institute of Management & Technology, Kurukshetra, Haryana, Bharat (India)
Superb Field Research Work Article

Your field research work article is well taken.


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