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Engineering Graphics eTeaching Tool

Attention professors! The ultimate solution to teaching engineering graphics is here. This software module is equipped with state of art technology that enables teachers to explain engineering graphics using interactive tools. The module includes wide range of options that would not only engage student attention but also increase cognition. The interactive object explorer and intersection explorer are the tools that fill the void created by chalkboard and textbook teaching by creating real-time visualizations of the objects. Hold on, there is more! The module comes with Auto 3D rotation and projections of objects. Besides these, you can now bring in experts in the field to provide tips and suggestions to the students. Get the module and make your teaching tech-savvy!

We have excellent software products for Teachers, Students, and Institutions

Good Guidance

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my skills and also for good guidance.. Thank you very much

Swapnija Shile
Student of Electronics and Communications Engineering
MKSSS Cummins College of Engineering For Women
Maharashtra Pune

Theory Animations

Theory Animations

Theoretical and difficult concepts of engineering subjects require a good visualization. This section includes all important concepts in subject and and provides audio-visual modules for those concepts. These modules can be played\paused. You can seek them backward and forward. You also have volume control for these audio-visual modules. The modules can also be embedded in the power point slides that teachers may prepare or the ones that are packaged with the product. The audio-visual modules provide a great source of revision for the students as well.

Love & Respect (Egypt)

Amazing Upload. More of this! Useful Stuff! Thank you.

Mido Wakeel


Animated Solved Examples

Animated Solved Examples

This section contains animated solved examples with audio-visual content. You can play these modules to show how any given problem is solved step-by-step. The concepts become very clear. You can use these Audio\Visual modules to understand how to solve given problem. The audio-visual modules can be played\paused, seek backward\forward. These modules are very useful for clear understanding of problem solving process. Using this examples teacher can easily explain the solution to the problem. Here the solution is explained with the help of visuals and animations that provides a deep understanding to the students. The teacher can use these animated solved solutions for teaching; also can provide these problems to the students for practice.

Excellent Job

Believe me you all at Cognifront are doing very good job

Narendra Singh
Shivaji University
Maharashtra Kolhapur

Printable Solved Examples

Printable Solved Examples

This section contains printable solved examples. These solutions show up question statement and its answer in the same page. These are great for hand-outs. You can print them or as prepare Xerox-copies of them to distribute in your classrooms for additional practice.

Found very very useful

Cognifront Engineering Graphics eTeaching Tool is so very useful for faculty as well as students. We at IIT Dharwad are regularly using it.

Dr. Tejas Gotkhindi
Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department
IIT Dharwad
Karnataka Bharat (India)

Interactive Object Explorer

Interactive Object Explorer

This section is excellent resource for teachers to explain engineering graphics using interactive modules. In this section, there are 3D interactive tools for teachers to use in their classrooms to explain sections, projections, assembly, disassembly, and also interactively quiz students. You can hide\show dimensions of the objects to improvize visualization. You can interactively 'touch' the object using mouse or a touch device. Accordingly the objects and its sections, projections, and related attributes change in real-time. We have extensively field-tested this feature and found it to be the most useful feature from the point of view of teachers.

Very Informative Website

Gone thru your website. Look to be informative and interesting. I'm sure those who are using must have benefited with this.

Er. Vikram Tare
Project Manager
Construction Catalysers Pvt. Ltd.
Maharashtra Pune

Interactive Intersection Explorer

Interactive Intersection Explorer

Intersection of objects is a difficult topic for visualization. Whether using a book or a blackboard, this topic requires teachers to really take a lot of efforts to explain it to students. This section gives you excellent tools to interactively explain interactions of various objects. You can move the objects using mouse or a touch device and you will be presented with immediate visualization of the changes you have done to the objects. Students find it very attractive to learn from something like this.

Fully Convinced

I am convinced and appreciate Cognifront's efforts for developing teaching and learning tools. These tools are very helpful not only for students, but for faculty also.

Dr. Muhammad Ramzan
Maulana Mukhtar Ahmad Nadvi Technical Campus (MMANTC)
Maharashtra Bharat (India)

Visualization Boosters

Visualization Boosters

This section offers a wide collection of interactive modules for teachers. These modules are aimed at providing easy to use software for teachers - specifically the tools and software with features that traditional blackboard, book, and notes cannot achieve. Teachers can interactively show demonstration of various concepts using mouse or a touch device. The results of their interaction are reflected in real-time i.e. immediately.

Superb Field Research Work Article

Your field research work article is well taken.

Dr. L. N. Mittal
Director QIP
Geeta Institute of Management & Technology, Kurukshetra
Haryana Bharat (India)

Intersecting Objects Combinator

Intersecting Objects Combinator

This amazing interactive tool helps learner to visualize the Intersections of Solids and their projections. Use mouse drag or touch to move the objects in 360 degree. For better understanding learner can switch to transparency mode which learner will know how intersection look like. This module allows learner to change the objects, according to that the projections changes. Learner can see the views in black and white mode and he can show or hide the projectors.

Best Teacher

The best teachers in world is who teach from the heart, not from the book.. Happy Teacher's Day Suchit Sir! #NicePerson #TeacherFriend #BestGuide #CoolBoss #Coder #Geek #YummyCook #MusicLover #Motivation #Inspiration #Learning #Work #NoWords

Anand Patil
Student BE Computer 2016-17
Maharashtra Nashik

Glass Box Theory

Glass Box Theory

Glass Box Theory is amazing tool designed for the concept of Orthographic Projection. Learner can select different objects and observe the projections of selected object in 3 different views that are Front View, Top View and Right Hand Side View. Learner can show and hide the projector lines as per his requirement. One amazing feature of this interactive module is the Auto 3D Rotation. When this feature is enabled then object rotates. Learner can use mouse drag or touch to move this object and observe the projections from specific angle as per his need. Mouse or touch can be used to Zoom-in and Zoom-out the object.

Supportive Staff

Hi I am Divya Yerawar. Cognifront staff has been tremendously supportive for my internship program. In fact they allowed me start learning without paying fees as I had some personal issues while paying fees. Thanks a lot. Internship at Cognifront will be beneficial for my future.

Divya Yerawar
Engineering Student
Marathwada Mitramandal College of Engineering
Maharashtra Pune

Expert Videos

Expert Videos

Bring experts with decades of experience to meet your class! This section has very useful videos by experts in the field. They have tips for teachers as well as suggestions for students. You can play the videos of your interest in the classroom. You can also use them as a reference during your own lecture preparation at a personal pace. These videos provide inspiration, guidance, and information about importance of the subject. Narrow the gap between academia and industry.

Wonderful Teacher

Suchit sir, I am lucky to have a teacher as wonderful as you are. Wishing you a Teachers Day that’s full of joyous moments!

Miss Nilisha Mahale
Student BE Computer 2016-17
Maharashtra Nashik

Lecture Plans

Lecture Plans

This section presents a complete lecture plan. You get a license to edit these lectures to suit your style. We respect the fact that every teacher has a different style of teaching and that is why this section is flexible to allow you to choose and edit your presentations. You can bring any additional content into these presentations. You can combine two or more presentations if you wish to cover those topics in a single lecture.

Enjoyed Internship

We really enjoyed our internship at Cognifront. We learned a lot during these 15 days. Web Technologies was an amazing course @ Cognifront.

Nikhil Shimpi
T.E. Student
R.C. Patel College of Engineering
Maharashtra Dhule

3D Stereo Visuals

3D Stereo Visuals

New feature developed by Cognifront. The first time ever in Engineering field there is 3D Stereos for learning. 3D Stereos are used in Entertainment media only but Cognifront come up with this 3D Stereo module for engineering education to make teaching and learning joyful.

Global Appeal (Sweeden)

It is a bit more advanced than what I studied in high school, but I fully understand it! THANKS!!

A Student


Multi-choice Questions on Projection Theory

Multi-choice Questions on Projection Theory

Even after teaching projection theory, it is very important to evaluate how much students have really understood it. Industries also require students to be able to read drawings available in their factories. Keeping in mind these views, we have provided this section with large number of questions. Each question has an object for which a viewer direction is given. You can ask students to identify correct projection in each case. Four options are given and only one is correct answer. You can effectively use it in classroom to trigger discussion and create collaborative environment.


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