Corporate Social Responsibility
Our Social Responsibility

Give back to society. This is exactly what we strongly believe and we strive to follow. While we run a profitable business, it is essential for Cognifront to give the best it can back to the society. We have adopted two children to take care of their education. We also donated educational material to more than 500+ students across Maharashtra state. Our vision is to extend this reach across the country and maybe someday throughout the world ? to the most underprivileged ones.

"Education is not filling of the pail. But it is igniting the fire" - W. B. Yeats.

We are on a mission to create better India through better education for all.

Food, Shelter, Clothes

Cognifront has a full time manager who scouts organizations across the country and judiciously donates wherever required. We routinely donate used clothes, food packets, any financial assistance to the most needy around us.
Women Empowerment

Women deserve at par education. Empowering women is a central theme to CSR at Cognifront. We have donated educational software to dozens of women who want to learn and advance in their lives. We believe that a women empowered with education has a larger impact than a man empowered with education. Our teams work constantly with needy and poor women to help them any constructive way we can.
Education for All

We believe if we reach to right set of people ? students, teachers, and libraries, then effectiveness of our social service in education will be more. You may contact our Public Relationship Manager in case you have a donation plan in mind that you think would make a difference to the society. We can discuss about possibilities and feasibilities of such projects. Please refer to the contacts page for important contacts in Cognifront.
Give India
We collaborate with for our social contribution.