Corporate Technology
Sophisticated Algorithms

Cognifront software tools use only the best algorithms. We have crafted superb software that does the magic for Cognifront's world class software tools. Our software is unique has been admired by thousands of professors world wide and millions of students world wide. Our lab is our workshop and we create these magical tools here. We play hard after our sessions of working hard - we have blast often and make sure we bloe the roof off - ultimately this is also built as part of our working-style-algorithms! :)
Strong Research Foundation

We are strongly connected to researchers community that includes academicians, cognitive science researchers, professors who teach cross disciplines and tutors who interact with thousands of students and are well conversant with different learner biases. Active-Reflective, Intuitive-Sensing, Global-Sequential, and Visual-Verbal. Our software is specifically designed to serve all learners and teachers who also have different teaching styles that originate from their own learning biases. Interesting, isn't it?
Powerful Machines

We have some really swanky machines that help us blow the roof off! The best CPU in the town, the highest RAM configuration in the town, the biggest screens for designers and engineers, and a strong 3600 pixels wide desktop! Amazing. We ensure we get the best working environment that help everyone do the best and shine. Our stunning products reflect what kind of machines we use. We are proud of our horse power and complete environment keeps humming all day long. For those who are technically savvy, we process 11,00,000 frames of animation for a typical product we ship and our typical rendering times are 26 hours for highend, good looking, gorgeous visuals we have developed for our yet more sexy products!
Robust Processes

Any and every organization that aims as big as we do must have robust processes and a disciplined approach to execution. We have right processes that have evolved over period of our existence. Everyone is geared up to follow these processes thar are uniquely catered to our kind of products and innovative culture we boast. Processes keep rhythm, maintain operational transparency, and improves predictability. We have come to realize that robust processes have deeper impact on team member's psychological makeup and overall beat of the team. We welcome you to take a closer look at our processes - come stay with us for a couple of days - we will be happy to host you at our tidy guest house!
Unprecedented Creativity

Cognifront is a superb, highly creative organization. Creativity in everything - the way we conceptualize products, design, and develop software, and the way we sell them and also the way we build our brand. Creativity is utmost important if you aspire to become part of Cognifront team anytime. We regularly do reading hours, team outings, brain storming sessions, role plays, research & development, field visits, customer data analysis, inspiration sessions, music playback and several other miscellaneous things that help us boost our creativity. As we said we are awesome, but don't take our word for it, check this out!
Hi-Fi Technology

Android to desktop applications. C++ to Java. PHP to jQuery, we have every skillset that is required to build best in class software tools. We know every internal detail of how machines work. We know how to build any kind of machine. We have high end productivity tools for everyone in the organization and we design and develop tools using high end technology in order to achieve the magic - called Cognifront. Tinkering with technology comes naturally to us. And we have developed some of the best native technology all by ourselves. You will soon be using some real cool things out of our labs - other than our products - it will be technology that will help you do more.
Amazing Visualizations

Visualization of complex concepts, animations, stories, mechanisms, machines, algorithms, processes, and everyhting on the planet and beyond - tell us and we will do it for you. We are masters of the visualization game and know how to play it to be the best! We have several hours per week invested only on building greatest visualizations in the world. Something that has never been created - drives us to create the magic called Cognifront. We sometimes call it "cog". Our visulizations of anything and everything are best in the world.
State-of-Art Studio

One of our major strengths is that we have our own fully equipped studio. We are self-contained for complete audio-visual production as well as software production. Cognifornt invests heavily in latest and greatest technology tools. Studio equipment is just one of those. Studio helps us develop audio, visuals, podcasts, interviews, broadcast quality productions. Come visit us sometime and get amazed!