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A Book for Engineering Students

book launch at aicte

Launch of Grooming Engineers Book at AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). Seen in the middle AICTE Chairman Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe with author Dr. L.N. Mittal and other dignitaries.

Industrial/economic scenario is changing due to global challenges. Now the country needs those type of engineers who are knowledgeable; who are flexible to use new materials, technologies and systems; who are able to think and solve open-ended problems; innovate something new as per needs of the country and possess entrepreneurial qualities to grow the business nationally and internationally. For this to happen, students will be required to possess above stated competencies by taking their studies very seriously through varied learning experiences.

It has been experienced that many engineering colleges are closing down due to lack of students opting for admission in these colleges. One of the major reason is that majority of graduates coming out from these colleges are not getting gainful employment because they are deficient in most of competencies described in Para one above. This is mainly due to the fact that the teaching-learning process in most of engineering colleges is, by and large, conducted like the system prevailing in general university colleges with focus on qualifying a paper pencil test to achieve a degree qualification for which our society has glamour. After having worked in the system for more than five decades, the author of this book Professor L.N. Mittal, who himself is a Civil Engineer, widely travelled in India and abroad and teacher of repute has written this book to impress upon engineering students the need of putting in hard work during their course of studies to equip themselves with appropriate hard and soft skills for achieving desired competencies for gainful employment. This book has twelve chapters which cover:

  • Where Do Engineering Students Stand Today?
  • Who is an Engineer?
  • Role of Engineers in Sociao-economic Development
  • Career/Employment Opportunities
  • Expectations of The World of Work
  • Importance of Lecture and Tutorial Classes
  • Importance of Practical Classes
  • Importance of Industrial Training
  • Importance of Project Work
  • Developing Soft Skills
  • Entrepreneurship as a Career
  • Enhancing Employability

The book primarily focuses on improving the teaching-learning process through an outcome oriented strategy after each semester to build confidence in the students for a bright professional career for wage and self employment opportunities

The Publisher of this book is also a qualified Engineer who has established himself as an entrepreneur by the name COGNIFRONT. As a gesture to serve the student’s community and bringing down the cost of this book, the author has totally forfeited his royalty on this book and the publisher will be making available this book, more or less, on cost basis @ Rs 150/- per copy, inclusive of postage charge. The book can be had by writing an email at


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