book review
book review

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Take full control of quality in your classroom with 22 practical aspects. Brought to you by Mittal L.N., Ph.D. (formerly at NITTTR) with more than 5 decades of field experience.

There has been phenomenal expansion of engineering colleges throughout the length and breadth of the country. We are now churning out more engineering graduates which has caused miss- match between supply and demand of such graduates. Taking remedial steps to improve Technical Education is now of prime importance. The lacunas must be identified and solutions implemented. Due to rapid expansion, there is acute shortage of faculty and currently, the faculty working in majority of engineering colleges is primarily fresh graduates/post graduates from the universities. Majority of these graduates are neither competent in discipline specific subjects, nor possess any industrial exposure and basic principles of pedagogy for managing teaching - learning process effectively by providing varied learning experiences to the students with the focus on developing desired competencies needed by the world of work. There is greater emphasis on giving theoretical instructions for qualifying a paper pencil test. Practical work in laboratories/workshops, industrial training and project work etc. has become merely a formality. There are hardly any meaningful linkages between the engineering colleges and the industry. System also lack planned procedure of implementing curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This has resulted majority of graduates coming out from the system deficient in hard and soft skills. Majority of such graduates are unemployable. Entrepreneurship Development is just a slogan and not much effort is being done by majority of engineering colleges in this direction. Number of engineering colleges is getting closed every year because students do not find it viable to join such colleges which do not produce right type of engineers who are acceptable by the World of work.

The book Mitigating Deficiencies of Technical Education contains chapters covering various gamuts of Universities and Engineering Colleges discussed above may it be curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular to prepare graduates to face the challenges of national and global economy. The book has been written in very simple language so that anybody can read and take advantage. Purposely chapters have been kept small to retain interest of the readers. The text mostly provides only that much information which is relevant and is required by every teacher and the managers of the system. Also, each chapter is independent and readers can make a choice to read any chapter of their interest.


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